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James Harvey Sanders [1832 – 1899]    Breeders’ Gazette



Burlington [IA] Weekly Hawk-Eye, 6/4/1864.


Mr. J. H. Sanders, formerly of the Sigourney News, has established a Bank of Sigourney. We are not advised whether it is a First National or only an individual BankSanders James Harvey.“ ...we are sure it will be "sound" while "Harve" has the management of it.


Davenport [IA] Daily Gazette, 1/30/1875.


J. H. Sanders, of Sigourney, has gone to New York to take the position on the editorial staff of Wilkes' Spirit of the Times.


Burlington [IA] Weekly Hawk-Eye, 10/26/1882, The "Breeders’ Gazette.“


This popular weekly publication, which was started  something  less than a year ago, has  been a constant visitor at this office since the initial number. It is devoted mainly to the livestock interests of the country, is a journal of faultless typography, printed on substantial quality of paper and in the form suitable for binding. It is under the editorial management of J. H. Sanders, chief of the cattle commissioners appointed by the U. S. Treasury Department, which is sufficient guaranty  of its sterling worth to the stock breeders of the country... Sanders and his son Alvin founded the weekly magazine, financed by agricultural implement manufacturer Jerome Case. Alvin had just completed his law degree at Northwestern when the magazine was established and he took over as editor and publisher in 1883.


Chicago Daily Tribune, 12/23/1899, p. 5... J. H. Sanders Kills Himself


... Mr. Sanders came here [Memphis, TN] five days ago. He stated the purpose of his visit was to locate the grave of his brother [actually a brother-in-law, Archibald Steele Irwin], who had been killed in the civil war... he found the grave. The matter seemed to touch him deeply, and when he returned to the hotel last evening he was visibly affected... For several years he had been in ill-health, and on the death of his wife a few months ago his mind partly failed. He went south on the advice of his physician a few weeks ago.  He left a note; "Telegraph [Alvin] Sanders, 358 Dearborn street, Chicago. Good-by."