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Dr. Phoebe D. Kennedy [ca 1825 – ca 1895]        The Séance


Phoebe wrote an 1882 letter, I have just resumed the practice of medicine, this was about the time she and her husband, Moses, moved from Pike Co., IL to Glenwood, Schuyler Co., MO. The dates, extent, or institution of her formal medical training  is unknown.Dr Phoebe Derrough Kennedy


On February   16, 1890, E. Dawson Rogers conducted a séance  in the presence of others at a house in London, England. During the séance, a spirit came and, speaking in the direct voice, in firm, emphatic, and distinct tones, with a decidedly American accent, expressed an interest in the work in which we were engaged and his wish for our success, adding that his name was Moses Kennedy, and that he passed away in September last at Glenwood, Missouri, aged 71.


Several steps were taken to verify this information including a contact with his wife, Mrs. Phoebe Kennedy. Mrs. Kennedy responded by letter to the verification request:


I read ... that my arisen husband... had manifested at a séance held in London. ... I will now say that... The message is correct... Mr. Kennedy or rather myself has an interest in an estate in the hands of agents... who have for years been researching the records in London for a missing link to the chain of our titles. My husband of course felt deep interest  in whatever concerned my welfare, and often said the only way this business would ever be settled would be through spirit intervention... For myself I know that spirits do return and they can communicate... Glenwood, Mo., May 1, 1890. Phebe Kennedy, M. D.


What Phoebe did not share in the letter was that she was, in fact, a spiritualist medium in Glenwood and along with her herbal cures she had a thriving, though controversial, business. Note: Her death date and place are presently unknown.


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