My Ralston Family Story

John Gurley Flook [1839 – 1926]        Oregon State University


Born in Clermont Co., OH, the Flook family moved to Iowa then to Douglas Flook John GurleyCo., Oregon in 1860. John served as a corporal in the Oregon cavalry from 1864 to 1866. In 1868,  he was  elected to the  Oregon  state legislature.  Though  he only served a single two-year term he made his mark as author of the Flook Bill that established a state-owned land-grant agricultural college at Corvallis, now known as Oregon State University.

Flook’s legislation did not create  a college from thin air. In 1856 a small village in the Willamette Valley established the Corvallis Academy. Congressional legislation in 1862 set aside 90,000 acres of federal land for the establishment of an agricultural college. Flook found that the land grant was about to expire, and the rest is history.

From a business view, J. G. left farming and established a flour mill in Roseburg, OR in 1873. He later sold the flour mill and built a plaFlook J G Coning mill to produce finished lumber.  The business evolved into what would today be known as a full-service builders lumber yard.

After his retirement, the Flook’s made their home in Corvallis. He is buried in Tenmile Cemetery near Roseburg.