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The children of John Rolston, Sr., and their families, were no different than most early pioneers in America. If they farmed, they moved ever west in search of rich and bargain priced acreage. Bounty land warrants for veterans of the War of 1812, land taken from the Indians by treaty, and various state and federal government acts all encouraged pioneer settlement on an ever-expanding western frontier.

By 1850, the John Rolston families were spread far and wide from their original homes in northern Kentucky. Surprisingly, in only a few cases, family cousins settled near one another. For example in Putnam Co., IN, living among Ruth Ralston Alison’s family was a daughter of Ruth’s brother John and in Hancock Co., IL, a son of William and a son of his brother John lived close by. Despite the distances between families, it has been proven that regular letter writing and an occasional visit kept them in close touch, though the news was often dated.

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