The earliest documented member of my Ralstons is William Rolstone [ca 1708-1767]. In about 1728, he married Eleanor, whose maiden name might have been Marshall based on the naming of children used by several of their descendants.


Two possibilities have been presented concerning where William was born and when he came to America. The first, he was the son of a John Rolstone who came to Boston, MA, in the early 18th century. If this can be documented, his son William was likely born in Massachusetts and made his way to Virginia from there. The second, his father is presently unknown and William was likely born in Scotland or Ireland, coming to America shorty after marrying. In either case, he had settled in Augusta County, VA by about 1743.


William’s homestead was in Augusta Co., Map A. In November of 1769, his homestead was in Botetourt Co., Map B, the family did not move.

VA 1745 1770

William and his wife Eleanor had seven known children: Robert, John, David, William, Matthew, Andrew, and Samuel. Since John is my direct line, the remaining site information will be about his family.


Looneys Mill Creek

Note: John Ralston purchased the land he owned at Looney’s Mill Creek in 1751 from Capt. James Patton, well-known, though a man with a suspicious  past. The Captain was killed in Virginia by Shawnee Indians in 1755.


It is interesting to know that a from its founding in 1738, Augusta County Virginia, contained nearly all of the land west of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah River until 1769. West Virginia became a separate state nearly 100 years later in  June of 1863, halfway through the Civil War.